Rocky Mountain
Information Management Association

November Lunch Meeting

Bring your data warehouse to the Web

Brenda Moncla

Choices, choices, too many choices.  It used to be easy.   Build a data warehouse and everyone will love you because they can get information they could never get before.  Now they want it on the Web and there are a thousand ways to approach it. 

In her presentation, Brenda, will review the data warehouse basics and then apply them to the Web.  This presentation is targeted to people who already have a data warehouse, and to those who are just thinking about building a data warehouse.

Brenda Moncla is an internationally recognized authority in the business use of Meta Data, Data Warehousing and other technology solutions.  Along with providing strategic consulting services to many of the world's leading businesses, she is a frequent presenter, thought leader and columnist.  She served as vice president, product management and strategic planning for Pine Cone Systems Inc., a data warehousing management company.   Prior to joining Pine Cone Systems, she was senior director, information management and support services with US West.  Currently, Brenda is the senior national data warehousing consultant for Sysix Technologies, a Chicago-based consulting firm and systems integrator.



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