Rocky Mountain
Information Management Association

November Lunch Meeting

The Business Of Wireless

Steve Milroy

The wireless industry and wireless applications are set to explode over the coming years for personal and business use. The use of the wireless Internet will exceed the use of the wired Internet. With such positive signs of market growth and expansion, the wireless industry will become a focus for many aspects of business.

What type of infrastructure is needed to support this growth? What applications will be used, and how will they be developed? Steve will answer these questions and more. Using the web, he'll also demonstrate case studies of wireless sales automation and wireless collaboration solutions.

Steve Milroy is a wireless consultant/developer and is leading up the wireless solutions offering for a US nationwide eSolutions company Immedient, Steve is currently working on a number of enterprise wireless/mobile solutions with WAP, commercial wireless middleware products and Exchange 2000. He is also one of the founders of (Internet and Wireless Application Professionals), which features some great wireless news and technology resources. Steve has written/presented/reviewed on various wireless development techniques and technology. Presentation topics include:

Originally from Sydney Australia, Steve now resides in the US. This experience in the Australasian and US markets gives him a broad and unique view of wireless around the world.

Steve can be contacted via 

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