February 12, 2002
Holiday Inn
  Quebec south of Belleview, west of I-25

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Rocky Mountain
Information Managers Association

The answer to all your problems?

Carita Watson, Director of IBM Global Services

As businesses grow more complex, the I/T infrastructure needed to support them grow more expensive and burdensome. Outsourcing enables companies to reduce their I/T exposure with a stroke of a pen. Now, outsourcing is evolving into the new model of e-Sourcing, where I/T infrastructure, applications and business processes can be accessed on a utility-like basis via the Internet. This gives businesses the flexibility to experiment with their business model, without needing to pay up-front for I/T they may never need. This new vision of computing not only will transform how we perceive I/T -- it will transform the enterprise.

Too good to be true?  Maybe.  Even if you like owning your own problems, it is nice to know something about managed services.  We invited IBM Global Services to address some simple questions that would apply to any e-sourcing agreement, regardless of company.

Carita Watson is Director, Enterprise Services for IBM Global Services, and is responsible for technology strategy, planning and support for Service Delivery Center - West clients running on enterprise systems platforms. This encompasses the S/390, AS/400 and DEC/VAX servers, as well as a full range of storage products, and automated tape library systems. Carita also provides cross-platform services for batch and online operations, database and MQ Series support, systems management controls, raised floor management, life cycle asset management and disaster recovery planning. During 2000, Carita assumed the role of Service Delivery Executive for the Managed Storage Services offering. She provided the leadership for a cross-platform, support team for storage hosting services.

Carita held numerous management positions in IBM before joining IBM Global Services as a technical adviser, and where she has held positions as an Account Manager, Delivery Engagement Manager, Regional Manager, MVS Services. She was named to her current position in 1997.

A graduate of the University of Denver, Carita has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems. She is on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Leadership Alliance and the President's Leadership Class at the University of Colorado. Carita also represents IBM as a member of the Colorado State University Industrial Advisory Committee.


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