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April 8, 2003

Rocky Mountain
Information Managers Association

Tablet PC - Is it More Than a Toy?

Steve Milroy

You have a Desktop PC, a Laptop PC, and a Pocket PC, do you want a Tablet PC, too?  The Tablet PC is sort of like your Laptop PC and Pocket PC combined, but a little bit different.

Steve Milroy, from Immedient, will demonstrate the benefits of this new technology.  You will recall that at a prior lunch meeting he spoke on mobile computing and gave us a good analysis of when to use what technology.

Steve Milroy is a mobile/wireless/speech technologist. He is currently with a nationwide Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Immedient, and working on a number of Micro-browser, Pocket PC, speech and wireless middleware projects. Steve is also the MSDN Regional Director in Colorado and has presented at developer conferences, user groups, and business associations on various mobile/wireless/speech development and infrastructure topics. 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Steve now resides in the United States. This experience in the Australasian and US markets gives him a broad and unique view of wireless/mobility around the world. Steve can be contacted at


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