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November 9, 2004
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Model-Driven Software Development –

5 to 10 times more productive??? 

John Miner

Just what we need, another three letter acronym for one more technique that is supposed to make software more productive!  Come hear about it and make up your own mind.  This might be the next big thing.

Model-driven architecture (MDA) has been designed to help simplify development, enabling architects, designers and developers to rapidly produce reliable applications that are easier to maintain.  The presentation will explain model-driven development and how automating patterns empowers the enterprise to control their development environment. Here are what some industry leaders are saying about MDA:

"The most significant will be visual modeling tools that will reduce software coding by a factor of five.”

  • Bill Gates at the March Gartner Symposium, when asked about innovations that Microsoft sees coming in the next 10 years

“Organizations using a model-driven or patterns-based application development frameworks … have the potential to be 5 to 10 times more productive and responsive than those that do not.”

  • Gartner’s Michael Blechar, VP and Research Director

Model-driven service frameworks with architecture-based code generators will become by 2008 as prevalent as traditional 4th generation languages were in the 1990’s and will help less skilled developers build J2EE and .NET applications.”

  • Gartner

The increasing complexity of development has driven the emergence of techniques and methodologies to increase development productivity.  Model-driven development has been proven to speed the development cycle, reduce labor and costs required for software development, and decrease your time to market. 

Presented by Compuware

For nearly three decades, Compuware has helped businesses build quality applications. Compuware is a billion-dollar company delivering software tools and professional services that increase productivity for their customers: approximately 25,000 of the world's largest and most respected businesses. Compuware is recognized globally as the premier source for solutions that deliver business applications for distributed, enterprise and web-based environments for the full application life cycle.

John Miner is a Compuware OptimalJ Subject-matter Expert and has been with Compuware for over 10 years. He has a Computer and Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue and his career spans more than 20 years in the computing industry. He’s passionate about helping clients achieve business value through better application development. Prior to joining Compuware, John worked as a systems control engineer, software developer, DBA and chief architect, among other roles, including spending time at DuPont and i2 Technologies.

 John is a frequent speaker for Compuware-sponsored technical and business seminars and he’s presented at industry events, such as Gartner and META Group conferences.




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