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November 8, 2005
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Open Source Revolution

Paul Gustafson

Open source is a revolution that is changing the nature of software development, and with that, corporate capabilities and corporate economics.

Organizations are using open source software today for industrial-strength applications in commercial, government and academic environments. By deploying open source, organizations are shifting costs, developing applications more rapidly, focusing on best-of-breed rather than single vendor solutions, and tapping a global "brain trust" of  developers. And, lest we need a reminder about the strength and depth of open source, the Internet is built largely on open source software.  

This session is based on the Leading Edge Forum's annual report, Open Source: Open for Business. Paul Gustafson, who directed the research for the report, will examine the journey of open source into the enterprise through 10 trends shaping the marketplace. The trends address: community, technology, mission-critical applications, savings opportunities, software R&D, service as a business, embedded open source, competition, new domains and motivation. Paul will also touch on key legal and business issues and conclude with core propositions for getting started on an open source agenda.

Paul Gustafson
Director, LEF Technology Programs

Paul Gustafson is an accomplished technologist and proven leader in emerging technologies, applied research and strategy. As director of the LEF Technology Programs, Paul brings vision and leadership to a portfolio of programs and directs the technology research agenda. Astute at recognizing technology trends, how they inter-relate, and their implications for business, Paul brings his insights to bear on client strategy, CSC research, leadership development and innovation strategy. He has published numerous papers and articles on strategic technology issues and speaks to executive audiences frequently on these topics.


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