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Tuesday, May 13

Lunch Meetings
$25 - Members
$35 - Non Members
$15 - Students

10:30 Registration
11:00 Speaker
12:00 Lunch
Red Lion Hotel by the stadium

10:30 Registration
11:00 Speaker
12:00 Lunch
Red Lion Hotel by the stadium

Sponsors of the IT  Leadership Series

Change on Demand
Cheryl L. White, Author

Cheryl Whit just released her new book, Change on Demand, in which she offers a simple, reliable way to increase agility and nimbleness of your company.  She draws ideas from complexity theory, network theory, and chaos theory, applying them to organizational leadership.

Cheryl White is a Thought Leader in change. She specializes in delivering business performance improvement through rapid organization change as an executive coach, corporate trainer and organization change consultant. Her passion is to build industry awareness of the Science of Change by writing books and speaking to national and international audiences on the subject of rapid organization change and applied complex adaptive systems theory.

She is Executive Partner of Change Delivery® Group, a company that enables client teams to successfully deliver change. Utilizing Change Delivery®--a packaged organization transformation methodology based on the Science of Change, her team helps executives achieve measurable business objectives rapidly in organizations with change resistant culture.

Billions of dollars are invested annually in strategic initiatives that require organization change. Less than 15% of these strategic initiatives deliver expected business benefits. That means a staggering 85% of all change initiatives fail in whole or in part to yield a return on investment.

Here’s the conundrum. For most companies, long-term survival demands change—not once, not twice, but on demand. Now, science has an answer. The revolutionary “Science of Change” enables your company to change on demand.

This 60-minute presentation describes why organization transformation initiatives historically fail to deliver a return on investment

Introduces the Science of Change--a new, scientifically sound approach for changing organizations rapidly, consistently, reliably and repeatability. 

Illustrates how “Science of Change” can be applied in strategic business initiatives to improve business process, manage the client side of technology implementations, implement business performance models (ISO, CMMI, ITIL, Baldrige, XP, etc), maximize synergy of group and organization mergers, acquisitions, and conversions, and rapidly move work activities for on-shoring, off-shoring, near-shoring, and co-shoring

Provides tips and Secrets from the “Science of Change” that you can apply to your projects today to increase the success of your change initiatives


An organization that can change on demand is a formidable force in the marketplace. Change on Demand is corporate remodeling made simple. At last there is a simple and reliable way for change agents and their managers to implement sustainable change in client organizations in record time. Before you launch your next project, let Change on Demand show you how to makeover client organizations in as little as 90 business days. Take the first step to accelerate the pace of organization change by learning why change resistance and other culture barriers to change exist and how to overcome them.


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