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September 11, 2007

3-Filters Management
Larry Nelson, W3W3

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Larry Nelson
Jason Wyman
RMIMA President

How to view every decision from 3 critical perspectives and communicate with all the people all the time.  Everyone has a bias of some sort and effective managers must learn to spin the filters to see through other people's eyes.  Understand, appreciate, and leverage 3-Filters Technology.

What motivates people to act?  How does an IT manager use this information to everyone's advantage?  Abraham Maslow gave us a model of human needs that helps us understand that that we all have multiple needs and as we satisfy one need we pursue another.   3-Filters builds from that model of needs and extends it to an approach for understanding behavior and motivation.

The RMIMA will use this model for for the Fall IT Leadership Series starting with the People Filter in September, followed by the other filters in October and November.

Larry Nelson

  • Founder W3W3 Colorado's voice of the Technology Community
  • Author of Thriving & Surviving in the 1990s
  • Developer of 3-Filters Technology and author of Life Perspective Inventory

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