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Agile – Myth or Reality

Why do we keep hearing more and more about agile? When will it arrive? Has it already arrived or has it departed? The presentation will provide an overview of agile-Scrum to demystify it. What is a standup, a sprint, why do people talk about chickens and pigs? Understanding why many people are “agile fanatics” requires clarity about the types of issues that agile can resolve.

Building on the overview of agile, the presentation will review common “software project challenges” and review why agile is often cited as a solution to these problems. Can “being agile” really solve these issues and reduce risk? Are these problems actually related to the software project? Finally, the presentation will review why Agile can’t solve all problems, although we often seem to only hear about ‘agile magic beans’. The session will review issues that agile may expose, but cannot solve, and how those issues can make or break your agile success.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand the basis of agile-Scrum.
- Understand how agile minimizes risks and why people promote it.
- Understand types of issues that agile exposes but cannot address.

Presented By: Jake Calabrese CBAP, PMP

Jake Calabrese is an enterprise business analyst, technology project leader, trainer, speaker, and Principal Consultant at VimStreet. Jake’s experience includes leading projects and teams on a range of successful endeavors such as business process improvements, enterprise system replacements, mergers and acquisitions, Internet initiatives, and team development. Jake has a BS in MIS from Penn State, is a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) recipient, and a Project Management Professional (PMP®).

Jake founded VimStreet in 2004 to help companies slice through the typical confusion surrounding process improvement and technology projects. Jake’s focus on straightforward communications and customer involvement has been at the forefront of all engagements. Jake’s approach to improving organizations is guided by business analysis, project management, lean, and reality based agile practices, coupled with team engagement. Jake can be reached at  or via .




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