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Register for the Tuesday March 8, 2016 SIM-Next Meetup

SIM-Next Meetup

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
3:00 pm - Registration and networking
3:30 - 4:15 Presentation
Beverage and Appetizer included

Original Brooklyn's at Mile High
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Think Fast, Act Faster - Management Leadership in the Agile World
Steve Wille, Author and Principal Consultant, Colorful Leadership

With rapid change caused by the internet, software development requires speed above all else. Slower techniques are giving way to faster techniques such as agile software development. We will explore ways to apply these agile techniques and principles to all business endeavors, especially projects where faster completion creates a competitive edge.

In the agile world, simplicity is important because the goal is to reduce the total amount of work that must be done. Good design anticipates change, even late in development process. Agile teams are self-organizing where innovation can emerge in unplanned ways.

The highest priority of agile development is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of completed work. All parties must work together, preferably with face-to-face conversation. The people doing the work need a supportive and enabling environment. Throughout every project, the team takes time to reflect and adjust behavior appropriately.

Effective metrics are important to every business process, but take care to measure the right things because we tend to get what we measure. In the agile world, the thing that counts is the delivery of completed work, and it must be delivered frequently, at a sustainable rate. No one cares about lines of code, hours worked, or other meaningless measures.

These principles can apply to all business processes. There is nothing in the Agile Manifesto about scrum masters or daily standup meetings. These are techniques that are evolving to achieve agility in software development. Other techniques can evolve in other fields, with the same agile strategy and principles.

Forget about simple slogans like, “Work smarter, not harder.” Working faster is harder, but it has its rewards. Every project and every business operation is different. Working faster requires some thinking and planning on how to approach the situation. We will offer a decision tree on when to apply fundamentally different techniques to achieve the goal of getting there faster, and then explore the specific techniques, such as agile software development and continuous improvement.


  • Decision trees for picking the best fit for tools that could speed up a particular project or process.

  • Ways to apply Agile Software Development principles in business functions other than software development.

  • Ways to pick and choose which agile techniques to use in your organization. The goal is to deliver value faster, not to implement a particular methodology or best practice.

Steve Wille, author and principal consultant of Colorful Leadership, has over 25 years experience in corporate information technology management. His article on Constructive Conflict has been published internationally. Steve is a PMP (Project Management Professional) and has developed multiple large information technology systems from the ground up. Steve's MBA degree is from Regis University in Denver, and his BSBA degree is from the University of Denver.

2644 W. Colfax Ave. is a frontage road, South of the Bronco Football stadium. Just across the street from the south parking lot, Sports Authority Field at Mile High.  From I-25 or Federal Blvd, approach the stadium on 17th Ave. and head south on Mile High Stadium Drive.  Go under new Colfax Ave. to old Colfax Ave.


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