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RMIMA Student Ambassador Program

The Rocky Mountain Information Management Association (RMIMA) is a professional association serving the Colorado Front Range information technology community for more than 20 years. RMIMA’s mission is to foster information systems education and the continued advancement of information management.

One of the ways the RMIMA satisfies its mission is through the Student Ambassador Program which is now in its tenth year. The program allows students representing Colorado’s major colleges and universities to represent their schools at RMIMA functions and to report knowledge they have gained through the RMIMA back to their schools. The program is:

  • a transition vehicle for college and university students into the professional world.

  • an arena for organizations to be introduced to the best and brightest coming out of the academic world.

  • a communications channel ensuring that Colorado’s higher education institution are in sync with the state’s business needs and that businesses are aware of the skills and knowledge the next generation of students encompass.

Student Ambassadors are appointed by each school’s academic leadership during the start of the academic school year. At a minimum, Student Ambassadors are required to make a strong commitment to attending all RMIMA events and functions and to report back to their respective institutions at regular intervals. Additionally, each Student Ambassador is encouraged to participate further by completing an internship with the RMIMA, attending RMIMA board meetings, starting a RMIMA Student Chapter and by building a community with the other RMIMA Student Ambassadors.

Student Ambassadors receive numerous benefits, such as all the rights and privileges of general RMIMA members, the opportunity to participate at all RMIMA events free-of-charge, the opportunity to network with business members at RMIMA events, having their names announced at each RMIMA event, having their biographies posted on the RMIMA website and the prestige of being part of a handful of students selected by their institutions and recognized the Colorado’s technology community as future leaders.

The Student Ambassador Program is fully funded by the RMIMA in partnership with business sponsors. There is no cost to the student or the university.

Participating Schools

The University Student Ambassador Program is being offered through four schools: Metropolitan State College of Denver, Regis University, Denver University, and the University of Colorado Denver. Two students from each school will be awarded the position as Student Ambassadors to the RMIMA, representing their Universities. The students must be in good standing and commit to attend 8 monthly meetings and the annual conference.

Colleges and universities interested in participating in the Student Ambassador program are encouraged to contact Carol Kapaun at By combining our efforts to foster information systems education and to continue the advancement of information management we can ensure that Colorado’s college graduates continue to enter the field ready to lead local technology organizations into the future.

Student Participants

Current Student Ambassadors

  • Keith Marrs-Olson ITT 2010-2012

  • Pinky Jethwani – UCD 2011-2012

  • Sally Pement – UCD 2011 - 2012

Former Student Ambassadors

  • Chad Kropf, 2007-2008

  • Michael Redfern, 2007-2008

  • Patrick Beatty, 2007-2008

  • Colette Hanley, 2006-2007

  • June C. Gorman, 2006-2007

  • Harriet Glenn, 2006-2007

  • Linc Melin, 2006-2007

  • Michael Erskine, 2006-2007

  • Alan M. Cheney, 2005-2006


RMIMA Internships

Students interested in Non-Profit Management, Event Planning, Sales and Marketing or Technology are encouraged to contact for more information about current and upcoming internship opportunities. While these internships are unpaid, many academic institutions will allow the student to earn academic credit for their internship experience. Internship durations can range from a few weeks to multiple semesters.

Corporate/Organizational Internships

Organizations looking for student interns are encouraged to contact us for more information about reaching the local academic community and tapping into their enormous resource of qualified student interns.

Student Ambassador Program Sponsorship

Without the financial support of Colorado’s business community the Student Ambassador Program’s would not have been able to provide this amazing opportunity for over ten years. If your organization is interested in continuing the tradition of the Student Ambassador program, you are encouraged to show your commitment by sponsoring the RMIMA Student Ambassador Program. For more information please contact Carol Kapaun at

Student Chapters

The RMIMA Student Chapters program was developed to encourage students to continue study in information technology, provide opportunities to meet with other students interested in information technology, interact with industry experts and national experts at monthly meetings, and provide career guidance in information technology. A minimum academic standing is not required and majors of all disciplines are welcome to join.

Benefits of Starting a RMIMA Student Chapter at your school:

  • Provide your students with all of the great RMIMA member benefits, including discounts at monthly luncheons.

  • Stay on top of events and get great ideas for local program activities through collaboration with the RMIMA.

There is no cost to start a student chapter at your school, but your chapter's students must be active student members of the RMIMA. The cost of membership for undergraduate and graduate students is free and discounted access to monthly luncheons and other events is provided. Interested students must complete and submit the Student Membership Form.

To start a chapter at your school, or to affiliate your existing information systems, information technology or computer science club with the RMIMA, your faculty advisor must complete and submit the Chapter Application Form. The scope of the student chapter at your school is limited only by the imagination and effort you choose to put into it. Throughout the year, the advisor will receive relevant information, membership rosters and blank application forms for new members.

Contact Carol Kapaun

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